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An Overview of VanDerVart Concrete Products

VanDerVart Concrete Products supplies ready-mixed concrete from multiple locations in Eastern Wisconsin.

We have the capability of recommending reliable and quality conscious contractors to handle your ready-mixed concrete project with quality and care.

We can also recommend numerous contractors to aid you in your special decorative concrete project, whether it's colored, stenciled, stained or stamped concrete, VanDerVart Concrete Products has the answer.

VanDerVart Concrete Products operates from multiple locations to properly serve our customer's needs. We sell a wide range of masonry and concrete related products including:

Brick, concrete block, Unilock hardscape products, landscape materials, retaining wall block, fabricated and bulk rebar, steel I-beams, masonry and concrete tools, concrete curing compounds cleaners and sealers, decorative concrete coatings, bagged grout and mortar, portland cement, plaster, foundation coatings, foundation vents and windows, concrete block insulation, sand, gravel and decorative aggregates, glass block, chimney products, fireplace products and many more.

Current Fleet of Equipment to Serve Our Customers

Current Fleet of Equipment to Serve Our Customers Current Fleet of Equipment to Serve Our Customers Current Fleet of Equipment to Serve Our Customers
Current Fleet of Equipment to Serve Our Customers Current Fleet of Equipment to Serve Our Customers

Our History:

The history of VanDerVart Concrete Products dates back to the 19th Century when our company was founded in 1888 as a supplier of ready-mixed concrete products. Our company represents reliability and stability, having supplied concrete products to our customers for 135 years.

Our History Our History Our History Our History

Important Dates in the history of our company

1888-Zimbal Brick Company was established by Oscar Zimbal manufacturing brick as the only product.
1927-John Van Der Vaart purchased the company from Oscar Zimbal and added a line of masonry and fireplace products as well as the sale of firewood.
1930-Van Der Vaart installs the first gravity feed mechanical concrete batching system. This allowed aggregate [sand and stone] to be weighed by scale. Bagged cement was then added into the truck mixers.
1931-Van Der Vaart established Wisconsin Concrete Pipe and Culvert on South 15th street in Sheboygan.
1940-Van Der Vaart installs the first fully operational semi-automated concrete batch plant in the Sheboygan area, serving customers with 12 trucks.
1944-Van Der Vaart purchases Wiegand Concrete Products of Green Bay, WI. Manufacturer of concrete pipe and concrete culverts
1946-John Van Der Vaart sells the company to the Pauly Corporation of Manitowoc. The company name is changed to Van Der Vaart Brick and Building Supply.
1948-Van Der Vaart purchases the JPR Company in Sheboygan. Located on Calumet Drive at Geele Avenue, the property with 13 trucks were included in the sale. This acquisition provides Van Der Vaart Concrete with 28 concrete trucks.
1949-George Vogel builds a concrete production plant in New Holstein, WI. The business opens as Vogel Sand and Gravel.
1956-Van Der Vaart purchases Vogel Sand and Gravel and changes the name to Tri-County Ready Mix and Excavating.
1963-Van Der Vaart builds a second concrete block production plant on North 21st. Street in Sheboygan. The new plant improves production to keep up with customer needs.
1969-Van Der Vart builds a new state of the art automated concrete batch plant in Sheboygan. The new plant is set at the company’s 15th Street location.
1978-Sheboygan Concrete was established in Sheboygan Falls by the Harvey family. A concrete production plant with both front and rear discharge mixer trucks is run by Michael Harvey.
1979-Van Der Vaart purchced land east of Kiel, Wisconsin and established Manitowoc Sand and Gravel Company. This property will provide concrete aggregate to all company locations and serve local excavating and grading contractors.
1985-A new concrete production plant was constructed at the Sheboygan Falls location.
1986-Michael Harvey purchased Van Der Vaart and established Van Der Vaart Holding Company. The aggregate pit located east of Kiel was not included in the sale, and remained as property of the Pauley family.
1987-A new corporate office was built on the company’s South 15th Street property in Sheboygan. The new office was built with concrete and masonry products manufactured by Van Der Vaart.
1988-Van Der Vart Concrete celebrates 100 years of business [origin 1888]
1988-Van Der Vaart Holding Company purchased C. Harvey Company of Manitowoc. This ready-mixed concrete production facility is located on the north side of Manitowoc.
1988-Van Der Vart Holding Company purchased the F. Radandt block plant in Manitowoc. This concrete block manufacturing facility will continue block production.
1988-Van Der Vaart Holding Company sells the property on Calumet Drive in Sheboygan for a grocery store development. The company moved all of its Sheboygan production to its 15th Street location in Sheboygan.
2014-Van Der Vaart Holding Company is sold to Richard Lohr, who has worked for the company since 1979. Lohr changed the company name to VanDerVart Concrete Products, LLC. Operations and the product line will remain consistent.
2016-VanDerVart Concrete Products purchased 12 acres of vacant property on the south side of Sheboygan from Glacier Transit and Storage [GTS]. This property will be the future location of the company’s Sheboygan production and office.
2017-Dirt work began at the new Frontage Road location. Top soil was stripped and clean clay fill was trucked into the site.
2018-The concrete production facility in Manitowoc is closed due to a lack of work.
2018-VanDerVart Concrete Products sells the entire 15th and 16th Street Sheboygan location to Green Street Development. This property included 17.5 acres that will be cleared with the intent to build three large apartment buildings and a service station. The company’s office building will remain as the office for the apartment complex. VanDerVart Concrete Products will build a new facility on the south side of Sheboygan.
2019-Construction began on the new VanDerVart Concrete Products production building on Frontage Road in Sheboygan. The location includes 12 acres of property and will have a new production building of approximately 40,000 square feet.
2020-Construction continues for the new Sheboygan Frontage Road location. The Production building will include a new concrete production plant, rebar fabrication building with overhead crane, building material room, interior aggregate storage building and a maintenance shop. Construction included energy efficient building materials and the production equipment was designed for winter seasons in Wisconsin.
2021-Construction began on the new company office building - Frontage Road in Sheboygan.
2022-The new 4000 square feet office building was completed on Frontage Road in Sheboygan. The new office will serve both contractors and retail customers. New exterior office displays include brick, block, paving brick and retaining walls.
2023-VanDerVart Concrete Products celebrates 135 years of business [origin 1888]
2023-Construction of the Frontage Road location was completed, providing production of ready-mixed concrete and concrete products. Fabricated rebar is again offered to customers as well as a complete line of concrete block and brick. Landscape products include concrete paving brick, retaining wall block as well as outdoor kitchens and firepits. Decorative stone is sold by weight with the new certified vehicle scale.
We provide service throughout all of Wisconsin
We Provide ready-mixed concrete and aggregates through our locations in Calumet and Sheboygan counties. We deliver concrete block, brick, retaining wall block and masonry products to the entire state of Wisconsin.

Contact one of our sales representatives at:
920-459-2417 (Sheboygan),
920-898-5771 (New Holstein).
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